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Stefan Karameikos V, son of Stefan Karameikos IV and Iellaedlyn Silverleaf Karameikos, was born into a wealthy family in 101,071 A.B.Y. His father was a powerful wizard, and the guild master of Principia De Arcana in Selenica, the greatest magic-user guild in the Republic of Darokin. Stefan V was a haughty, ill tempered, spoiled child in his youth, and, contrary to the wishes of his father, abandoned his study of magic, and apprenticed himself to Borfalsh the Mighty, a fighter of no small fame. Upon his eighteenth birthday in 101,089 A.B.Y., Stefan V gathered two-hundred men, and set off to the south, to make a name, and a place, for him self. At this time, and still to this day, the land to the south was largely unsettled, full of goblins, orcs, and other barbaric races. After two weeks, his small army came to a peninsula on The Gulf of Irendi, where was settled a tribe of red skinned natives, named Crooked Feather. The people of Crooked Feather were friendly at first, but Stefan and his men tricked many of the Crooked Feather hunters into their camp, and enslaved them. After learning of this treachery, the remaining hunters planned a midnight raid of Stefan’s camp to rescue the prisoners. However, the alarm was raised, and a fierce battle was fought in which the entire tribe of Crooked Feather was eradicated, which is why the peninsula is called The Red Peninsula to this day. In the year 101,090 A.B.Y., Stefan established the trading port Specularum, after the native name for a bright yellow flower, Specular, that grows abundantly in that region. Specularum flourished there, as the existence of large forests next to a riverside port made lumber export cheap, easy, and profitable. this caused an immigration of many people from the Republic of Darokin and The Kingdom of Irendi, swelling the profitable trading port into an immensely profitable City by 101,096 A.B.Y. Growing steadily in purse and fame, the ever prideful Stefan Karameikos V granted himself the title of “Grand Duke,” in 101,098 A.B.Y. In 101,099 A.B.Y., Duke Stefan funded an expedition to the east headed by his right-hand man and personal adviser, Ludwig Von Hendriks. One year later, in 101,100 A.B.Y., Stefan granted him the tile of “Baron.” While Duke Stefan owned his Grand Dutchy on paper, much of the land was not nearly as profitable as Specularum, and thus was largely unsettled, left to outlaws, goblins, and the like. In 101,103 A.B.Y., a great magic-user, Marilenev the Magnificent, was also attracted to the growing city of Specularum,and built a tower twelve miles away. In 101,107 A.B.Y., Specularum was besieged by an army of goblins and orcs led by the frost giant, King Derevok. The siege lasted four months, but by the spells of Marilenev, the army was driven to The Plains of Rilden, where the forces of Specularum were able to defeat the army of Derevok, and press them back as far as the Cruth Mountains, in The Battle of Frost Giant Pass. In later years, the Goblins and Orcs have slowly come down to the south as far as Brindle Forest. In 101,116 A.B.Y, in what became Known as The Dark Times, Specularum was struck by Devils Fire, a nearly always fatal disease, in which two-thirds of the population were infected. Only one-third succumbed, however, due to the healing of Bishop Mathias of Krakatos, the God of trees, who soon grew rich off the grateful populous. Twenty miles from Specularum, he completed the Krakatos Cathedral in 101,118 A.B.Y. In 101,120 A.B.Y, Duke Stefan embarked on a diplomatic mission to Aurjordrukat, the City of The Dwarves of the Black Peaks. His political dealings fruited a relatively freindly response (as far as dwarves go0, and Duke Stefan and the king of the dwarves, Khazdrakh oversaw the building of a trade road from Specularum to Aurjordrukat, which was completed in 101,129 A.B.Y. This year 101,132 A.B.Y marks the sixty-first birthday of Grand Duke Stefan Karameikos V, and the thirty-fourth anniversary of his reign over the Grand Dutchy of Karameikos.

Akoniades' Grand Dutchy of Karameikos

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